Modern Monotones - 2019 / O365


  • ID: MD365-MT2

SPFx Modern Theming Solution with Templates designed for all modern sites for SharePoint On-Premises 2019 and Online, such as Communication and Modern Team Sites - Modern Monotones - 2019 / O365


  • ID: MD365-MT2
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Modern Monotones O365 - SPFx SharePoint Modern Theme Package Quick preview demo of Modern Monotones theming solution
Bundle Options:
STANDARD $1,299.00
PREMIUM $1,989.00
SUPREME $2,799.00 ($789.00 savings)

Updated On:
May 2019

Modern Experience for SharePoint On-Premises 2019 & Online (O365 - most current version)
Edge, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

Communication Sites Topic & Showcase, Modern Team Sites, Modern Lists & Libraries

Responsive Design for All Modern Site Types

Modern Templates:
7 x Modern Page Templates for Home or Welcome Pages
8 x Page Templates for Modern Posts
8 x Page Templates for Modern Subcategory Pages

Predefined Color Palettes:
16 x Predefined Themes in JSON schema

Other Components:
Carousel Slider (for full width section layout), and Footer

This SPFx Theming Solution with Templates is designed and developed for all Modern Sites available within SharePoint 2019 On-Premises and Online, such as Communications Sites Topic, Showcase, and Modern Team Sites. It supports all modern navigation types available within SharePoint modern experience: Hub Navigation; Horizontal Navigation with cascading and mega menu features, used within Communication Sites; and Vertical Navigation, used within Team Sites.

Select the Screen Demo button above to quickly preview the solution applied to Communication and Team Sites (modern experience). This presentation of 34 screenshots shows various layout templates, predefined themes, and other components enclosed in bundle options mentioned below.

To learn more about the solution, select the Watch Demo button above, or thumbnail below titled Voice-over demo of Modern Monotones SPFx solution. This is a voice-over demo. Please make sure your device has sound turned on. A Live Product Demo s available per request.

The solution is available in three bundle options: STANDARD / PREMIUM / SUPREME. All three options feature a Responsive Design allowing adaptive views no matter the device you're on - desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Predefined Modern Templates & Themes

The Modern Monotones 2019 / O365 Premium Bundle is delivered with 23 modern page templates, carousel slider and footer components, and 16 modern color palettes (themes) predefined in a JSON schema.

The Modern Page Templates are created to help you quickly and efficiently build professional, modern sites within SharePoint. All predefined colors palettes may be quickly adjusted to please your preferences.

To view all predefined themes available with this package, select the View Themes button above, or thumbnail below titled Predefined Themes for Modern Monotones SPFx solution.

For more details about Bundle Options, please visit SPFx Modern Bundles for SharePoint On-Prem / Online.

Voice-over demo of Modern Monotones
SPFx solution

Voice-Over Demo of Modern Theme - Modern Monotones SPFx Solution

Predefined Themes for Modern Monotones
SPFx solution

Predefined Themes for Modern Monotones SPFx Solution

Dual Color Palettes for Modern Monotnes
SPFx solution

Dual Color Palettes for Modern Duotones SPFx Solution

* This is an additional set of 12 themes for Modern Monotones,
predefined as 2 color combinations per theme.

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