Shades of Gradients 2010


I spent a great deal of time researching and looking for an attractive branding solution and nowehere else did I find anything that came close to this product. I installed the themes package for a client about a year ago and everyone who has seen them has been very impressed (even other sharepoint consultants). It was a quick, low cost "branding solution" to change the OOTB SharePoint look and feel. The product also comes with about 20 web parts which can be used to quickly enhance sites and reduce development time. I actually use the theme colors in intranet environments to help end users differentiate between confidential and non-confidential sites which is incredibly helpful to new sharepoint users. The themes provide a great ROI and I plan to use Sharepointpackages in my future deployments.

Greg Gignac
SharePoint Consultant
Date Added: 09/07/2011 by Greg Gignac