Shades of Gradients 2010


First off, I am a repeat customer. We used the MOSS 2007 Themes in the past and we extremely pleased so it was a no brainer to choose them again.
It was time to update our SharePoint Farm to SharePoint 2010 and we turned immediately back to and chose the platinum version the 'Shades of Gradients 2010.' Why worry about redesigning themes and coding new css files creating new gif/jpegs when this theme does all the work for you. In any IT Dept we have plenty of other things to work on, right?

The install was very easy and detailed instructions with screenshots are included. Very professional install documents. New master pages, fantastic looking web parts, plenty of example pages are all included with the package we choose. Instructions even walk you through applying the theme to pre-existing 2010 sites.

In summary: Repeat customer. Install easy with detailed instructions with screenshots. What you see in the demo is what you will get once installed. We love it!

John S
Network Adminstrator
Date Added: 08/06/2010 by John Sweeney