Monotones & Duotones 2019 - Classic


  • ID: 007-MTRD19

Responsive SharePoint 2019 Theme Package designed for SharePoint 2019 On-Premises out-of-the-box site templates (Classic Experience) - Monotones and Duotones 2019


  • ID: 007-MTRD19
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Modern Duotones O365 - SPFx SharePoint Modern Theme Package Quick preview demo of Monotones and Duotones theming solution
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SILVER $849.00
GOLD $1,599.00
PLATINUM $1,989.00

SharePoint 2019 On-Premises - Classic Experience
Edge, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

Publishing Sites, Collaboration Sites, Enterprise Sites, Site Settings

Responsive Design for All Classic Site Types / Liquid / Width: 85% - 100%

Predefined Color Palettes:
14 x Predefined Color Palettes (*.spcolor)

4 x Predefined Color Palettes (*.spcolor)

This SharePoint 2019 Theme Package is designed and developed for all SharePoint 2019 On-Premises out-of-the-box site templates - classic experience, including the SharePoint 2019 Site Settings section. It provides the capability of adjusting, or creating Color Palettes (*.spcolor) using any text editor. The solution is designed to match the look and feel of either Modern Monotones or Modern Duotones theming solutions created for SharePoint modern sites, to ensure a consistent look between classic and modern experiences.

The package is available in three options: SILVER / GOLD / PLATINUM. All three options feature a Responsive Design allowing adaptive views no matter the device you're on - desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Please click Live Demo button above to view the responsive theming solution with page templates and web parts for easy customization, expandable/collapsible footer, and custom 14 color palettes.

Predefined Color Palettes (*.spcolor)

The Monotones and Duotones 2019 comes with 14 Predefined Color Palettes (14 x *.spcolor). All 14 Predefined Color Palettes are provided with the Platinum Package only. Gold, and Silver Packages come with 4 Predefined Color Palettes.

Please click the thumbnail images below to view screenshots of the predefined color options. Please also review the SharePoint 2019 - Package Comparison.

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